Sane Crazy



Sane Crazy is an aspiring rapper from berlin, who unifies throughout all qualities of a Golden Era MC. Not only does he rap in english, Sane Crazy's flow, attitude and style unfold so well on Berlins underground-stages, that they would also find recognition on a Brooklyn block party in the early 90s. Sane Crazy is something like a 2015-update of an oldschool lyricist, who's contents are almost concious, without seeming masterfully, while his flows distinguish themselves through speed and switches. His skills have now also spread outside of the boarders of his district (Berlin Wedding), which is why he had enjoyed collaborations with producers such as Figub Brazlevic, Sinan Booom, B-Side, plukk.inn or Superior. On these tracks one realizes his virtuosic handling of the mircrophone due to the years of training; for Sane Crazy Rap has tunred into a lifestyle and one can hear that on each of his tracks. Sane Crazy songs are a unique blend of technique and profound content, in which he reflects on himself and his environment, without ever seeming brittle or frumpy. Adventitious, this is supported by the instrumentals on which Sane Crazy tells his stories, since these unexceptionally spray the vibe of the golden era of American hip-hop. Despite this focus on classic sampling beats, all beats Sane Crazy refines with Vocals sound fresher and more interesting than many of the current instrumentals from the world of rap. Coupled with Sane Crazy's unique approach to rap, this results in a symbiosis that would force even the most stubborn new schoolers to nod their heads. Currently Sane Crazy represents his skills with his collabo EP " Noir " ( with producer B - Side ), with which he was able to collect alot of internal scene recognition already, including the video single " Song To My Soul". In parallel, the MC has already completed festival appearances at the Tapefabrik # 5 and # 6 and also contributed an original song to the tribute musical " I Am Jonny". Therefore, it is now time for him to present his skills across the boarders of the underground- and Sane Crazy has already accumulated a lot of material to take this step.