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The series „The 8“ contain, as the name implies, 8 tracks on each of the 8 volumes of the project, while each volume is produced by a different beatmaker: The idea is some years old now, and simply to make music with some of the producers I have become friends with during my travels and contacts I have made through music in general. The styles varies, some completely different and some sit in the same soundscape, a differences is nice. Lyrically, this is just a simple expression and the basics of just releasing thoughts, and writing lyrics. For me it is the ability to continue to consistently express my artistry through releases. The 8 project is set to be a gathering of songs for those interested in my works and not an expanded release of hype. A project of a simple idea, an offering of art through illustration, words, and sound. With natural growth intended, The 8 is not a limited number in reference to the set volumes. As my journey in music continues to grow and I meet new artist, as so will „The 8“.“ The design of the cover will stay the same on each volume, but every cover will consist of different colours picked by the respective producer. The artwork itself is designed by Bioniq.