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Dezi-Belle Records is more than the typical music label the “Records” in the name implies: Yes, Dezi-Belle is an Independent Label, but also is equipped with its own production and distribution, functioning as an event agency and a marketing hub as well. Founded in Berlin-Wedding in 2012, Dezi-Belle is based on a DIY-approach which developed over the years in a manner that it spread over all the various levels of the market.


The homegrown label started off as a conglomerate of associated artists and quickly became a place-to-be for independent musicians producing a rap- and lo-fi sound besides a vast selection of other genres. This is mainly a result of Dezi-Belles inclusive structure, characterized by a general openness to all forms of music. Apart from that, the label construct provided plenty possibilities for its artists to grow and to make themselves seen creatively. Collective jam sessions, recording sessions in an own studio or several music events where Dezi-Belle artists could present their new music in their own slots – Dezi Belle Records came from a circle of music enthusiasts from the most divers ends of the musical spectrum which is why the label excels in its holistic organization.


The next consequential step in the history of the label was the production and marketing of its own vinyl records. This production was targeted to be on a small scale of units and limited from the beginning, the goal being to reach only connoisseurs in the specific genres presented. An own Bandcamp-shop was set up to deliver fans with the finest of records, with every single one of them breathing a spirit of uniqueness. Handpressed and -cut, no Dezi-Belle record is like the other. In the variety of editions, you can find a great number of different extras like individually designed covers and blanks of the records differing in color. This focus on subtleties is part of the progression of having the roster and repertoire of Dezi-Belle Records growing immensely over the years. Word got around: Dezi-Belle represents a love for music, a love for detail and getting together artists from the most different genres and the most different parts of the world. From the wedding to the decks of the word – there is no end in sight for Dezi-Belle.