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Dope est Dope – Dope est Dope Ep

3,95 24,95 

All Tracks written, produced and recorded by Sinan Bombeiter and Nicolai Rohrer.
Mastering by Nuri Singör


Dope est Dope – Dope est Dope Ep

Vocals on Steady Producin’ by Shumee & Hanna Bretton
Vocals on Lemmingway by Luisa Kutza
Sampled Vocals on Four Colours by Sumeya
Additional Guitars by Jan-Ivo-Söchtig

Special Thanks to Inga und Tommi (2Raumwohnung) for the studio facilities.

Design and Logo: Elena Anna Rieser


12" Vinyl color1, 12" Vinyl color2, 12" Vinyl color3, 12" Vinyl color4, MP3, WAVE

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