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drkmnd – Things Left Unsaid

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released October 12, 2018


drkmnd – Things Left Unsaid

Throughout life, everything comes and goes. A person’s presence in your life is fickle, and the volatile nature
of this presence means we are often forced to move on or forget, without tying off any loose ends. We may not get to
say everything we wanted to say to someone, positive or negative, before they are whisked away by the ebb and flow of life.
The elephant in the room is often left unattended and lonely.

This record is an ode to those times. Times when you felt like there was one more thing you needed to say, and yet, hesitated.
Times when you find yourself staring out the window, thinking of what could have been.

And, although it may be difficult, sometimes things are just better left unsaid.


MP3, WAVE, 12" Vinyl black

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