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Dear friends,
we know its annoying but we need some infos for the pitchings and the blog-posts. So please take some minutes and give us as much infos as you can.

If more than one artist worked on the album, we need the info from each one. Please fill out the form several times. We need the artwork info only once.


    Mix & Mastering

    Features? Equipment? What do we need to know?


    Artwork / Photo

    Who made it? Who took the photos (if)? What is the concept? What is important to know?


    Is it your first Release on Dezi-Belle?


    If its your first release on Dezi-Belle, we might need some more infos for our artist-portfolio.
    Ask yourself: What do we need to know? Where are you from? Where are you living? Links to social media or other websites?