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Raw Suppliers on Tandems again

The Raw Suppliers are a loose collective of creative people from all over the country. After “beat_collective” and “TANDEM”, they now bring the successor to their classic on Dezi-Belle Records with “TANDEM 2”.


Raw Suppliers – TANDEM 2

Many of the artists have released their own stuff in the past months. For this project the constellation was drawn by lot and put together randomly. So there were always 2 people responsible for one track.

The sound on the compilation is as versatile as the artists. Beside classic Boombap (Ufa Palava & Baronski) and Lofi-Vibes (rzuma & Alexander Llauck) you can also find Drum‘n‘bass influences (indius & en rie) or some G-Funk (Roboti Niro & WOX). Very broadly diversified but always with a lot of vibe.

Mastering comes from the great Plusma. Beautiful artwork by karla jean, which you can also find on Instagram.

Preorder starts today, get your copy.

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