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Where is maniery?


After his record “About Ambition And How To Overcome It” Johannes Onetake comes with his second lof-fi long player on vinyl via Dezi-Belle Record.


Johannes Onetake – Tragic Maniery

The album is called “Tragic Maniery” and describes the search for a song he heard in a podcast and was supposed to be from a so-called “Maniery”. The search was unsuccessful.
He didn’t find a “Maniery” but a lot of other exciting jazz, which he edited with his SP-404 and complemented with some self-recorded sounds.
The cover describes this bitter as well as sweet process and was designed by our Onetake himself.
After mixing and mastering by the ultra-sweet Viennese SterilOne, the record is ready to give its listeners a relaxed and pleasant time.

It is now in preorder and waiting for happy owners.

PS: Please send hints about Maniery to us 😉

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